For this paper, you will answer two (2) of the following three (3) essay questio

For this paper, you will answer two (2) of the following three (3) essay questions.
The essays should be approximately 250-300
words each. Emphasis is placed more on your ability to discuss the larger
themes of the course than on your ability to recall specific definitions,
scenes, or lines from the course texts. When in doubt, paraphrase and summarize
the texts you are using as examples.
Remember that these are
essays, and as such, should have a
thesis statement that makes a debatable claim about how to read or
interpret the texts given the parameters of the prompts.
clearly in your paper book the numbers of the two questions you are responding
to, and please, put your name on it.
In your
view, how do both Fight Songs &
Tigerland demonstrate the
tension between teamwork & individuality? Tigerland represented the conflict that arises amongst star
athletes and their teammates, whereas Fight
Songs stressed the anxiety and identities behind fandom. Which book
was more successful in its aims? Why?
We tend to narrativize sports from the
moment the ball is in play; often, even well before that point. In both You Will Know Me & Barbarian Days, the narrators build
a story out of events that might otherwise seem random or unconnected. How
does the point of view serve the purpose of each book, & in your
opinion, which narrator was more believable? Why? How does the point of
view reinforce the narrator’s agenda?
Stephen Florida & Fences portray two star athletes,
the eponymous Stephen Florida, dedicated college wrestler to the point of
obsession & absurdity, & Troy, former Negro League slugger who
becomes a sanitation worker & family patriarch. Both men define
themselves only by their achievements in sport. How does each character’s
conception of masculinity dictate their actions? Does one man offer a
better representation of the sometimes dangerous connection between “real
manhood’ & sports excellence better than the other? If so, why?
Important Notes:
I’m an international student and English is my second language, so this paper should use simple English.
In this paper, RESOURCES ARE NOT IMPORTANT you can mention what happens in the book without citation.

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