CURRERE EXPRESSION (CE) (3 pages): As educators, we are not well-positioned to e

CURRERE EXPRESSION (CE) (3 pages): As educators, we are not well-positioned to encourage students’ 3S understanding if we are not engaged in exploring our own journeys of understanding (Henderson, Castner, & Schneider, 2015). The CE assignment focuses on your personal journey of 3S understanding 3S understanding is a grounding concept in the course and refers to Subject understandings that are deepened by democratic Self and Social understandings. Currere (Pinar, 2012) is an autobiographical exploration and expression of the interrelationships between curriculum problem-solving, democratic living, and yourself.
Part 2: As part of this participatory evaluation, compose a brief capstone statement of their growth as a transformative curriculum leader during your studies (1 page).
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