CPHI Paper Instructions: The Core Philosophy paper is meant to demonstrate under

CPHI Paper Instructions:
The Core Philosophy paper is meant to demonstrate understanding of argumentation through critical
evaluation of a philosophical issue. For this paper, outline and argumentation are of primary importance.
Basic Requirements:
– MLA Format
– at least 2500 words (at most 3500)
– Times New Roman Font 12pt
– Proper grammar and spelling!
– At least two primary sources
– At least two secondary sources
– Bibliography
In this paper you will be constructing a philosophical argument regarding a contemporary issue of your
choosing. Papers in the past have dealt with the fairness of athletic scholarships, movie stars and civic duty,
the aesthetics of iTunes Radio vs Spotify, and many more. In essence, this paper is examining and
defending a value judgment, a judgment as to the good, the true, or the beautiful in relation to a current
Basic Paper Outline:
A. Thesis Statement
B. Roadmap/Brief Outline — How are you going to argue for the thesis?
Contemporary Issue
A. What is the issue?
1. Be sure to fairly characterize the different voices/sides to this issue.
2. Illustrate with your current event.
B. What is the underlying philosophical value in contention between the different voices?
Philosophical Value Discussion
A. Compare and contrast the views of two philosophers who have made arguments about the
philosophical value you identified in the Contemporary Issue.
B. Make a judgment about which philosopher is right and why.
1. Defend your decision with reasons.
Philosophical Argument
A. Construct an argument to defend your thesis. (Conclusion)
1. Your major philosophical premise should be from your Philosophical Value Discussion
2. Your minor philosophical premise should be from your Contemporary Issue
a. How does your Contemporary Issue fall underneath the Philosophical Value
B. Counterexample
1. Outline a potential critique to your argument and how you would respond.
A. Briefly summarize your paper
Specific Instructions
I need to reach 2300 words and I already have 1073 that I attached below. I need 2 primary sources quoted from philosophers that discuss mental health. All the instructions are above. I need an A pleaseeee.

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