Assessed Coursework Applied Machine Learning and Big Data Strategy OIM7508-B 80

Assessed Coursework
Applied Machine Learning and Big Data Strategy
80% weighting
Assignment outline
This is a 5,000-word group report (excluding title page, contents page, tables/figures, appendix, and bibliography) worth 80% of the module mark.
Below is a suggested structure of the group report:
Introduction (10%)
Set the context for your research project.
Brief discussion of a research gap(s) based on literature review
Brief discussion of research questions.
Literature Review (20%)
Conduct literature review in the research area of your choice
Identify a research gap(s).
Establish your hypotheses
Methodology (20%)
Brief background information of the dataset(s) selected.
Discuss and justify analytical techniques to be utilised.
Findings (25%)
Using Python, report your findings and test hypotheses
This section should include at least:
Key descriptive statistics with interpretation (5%)
Data visualisations with interpretation (10%)
Statistical analysis (e.g. correlation test, regression) and/ormachine learning model (i.e. supervised/unsupervised machine learning) with interpretation (10%)
Each group member must create at least one outputfrom either of the three types of outputs (i to iii).
Discussion/Conclusion (15%)
Compare the findings from your research with that of the literature. Discuss any consistencies / conflicting information between your research and the literature.
Discuss any implications based on your findings.
Discuss any limitations of your research &recommendations for future study.
Please make sure that your written expressionsare clear and that the overall consistency of your argument and the structure of the coursework, harvard referencing

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