10 page reseach paper on immigration in the United States going based off my fir

10 page reseach paper on immigration in the United States going based off my first 10 pages of my literature review. This is my Senior thesis 20 page paper so it has to be in correlation to my 10 page literaure review on immigration in the US. Feel free to use the sources from my literature review to reestablish thoughts and come up with conclusions, theories, and or policies based on the research. The data from the research should be factual, correct, statistical, and backed up by political scientists. PLEASE DO IT BASED ON LITERATURE REVIEW I WILL BE ATTACHING AND REFER TO SUMMARY IN THE DATA RESEARCH 470 FILE.
Make sure the research question, and thoughts in literature review are logical and correlate with political science, and test these theories. MUST BE POLICY ORIENTED
Thesis is : “On this note, the immigration debate had been based on the influence immigrants have on the American culture, politics, economy, social order, demographics, and security.” Make sure to make a well policy oriented political science research question on immigration the US about attitudes of Americans and immigration and how it affects the United States.
Executive Summary: In the data portion of my research I will be looking at the different sides of American attitudes towards immigrants that enter the country, whether they be illegal or legal. So far research has shown in the literature review that Republicans v Democrats have different views on immigration. We saw that they take into consideration the economics of the country, the demographics and the culture. In my data I will be wanting to show the accurate data for the statistics of immigration in the United States. From this I will be testing if the attitudes of various political parties should be validated, just to get a better sense of how they think.

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